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Would you like to test our hypoallergenic liquid laundry detergent Calisan® free of any obligation? Contact us by phone (0041 44 805 805 0) or via our  contact form.

Calisan® - the first laundry and cleaning products to be awarded the aha! seal of quality. The Swiss Allergy seal of quality designates products and services that are particularly suitable for persons with allergies and other intolerances. The products are tested and controlled according to strict criteria and meet the highest quality requirements. They standards offer a higher level of protection for consumers with skin and allergy problems. more


Why Calisan?




Calisan® liquid laundry detergent

A unique laundry detergent which protects the consumer from any reactions of intolerance or oversensitivity by excluding all additives which can cause irritations.


Available as a concentrate in environmentally-friendly 2 lt bottle-size. 
CHF 26.90 (1.03 CHF / per laundry cycle)

Calisan® general purpose cleaner

A general all-purpose cleaner with a powerful cleaning action.

Especially suitable for persons with sensitive hands. Enzyme-free.

Concentrate available in 750 ml size.
CHF 14.50



Calisan® dishwashing detergent
Dishwashing liquid for washing-up by hand and for all polished surfaces.

Especially for sensitive hands where the skin's natural, protective qualities must not be damaged. Enzyme-free. Concentrate available in 500 ml size. 
CHF 9.50


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